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Created by: Enviral Design Modules
UberGui is a Bi-Directional frontend built for TD's Custom Parameters system. UberGui saves time creating responsive & customizable GUIs, by having just 1 central GUI that you can plug operators into programmatically.
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Release date: 22 May, 2018
Version: 1.0
Created in TouchDesigner build: 099/2018.22800

Workflow Advantages :
– Fully integrated with TouchDesigner’s Custom Parameters.
– Supports every type of custom parameter.
– Self contained, modular UI widget.
– Self updates based on 1 single input parameter.
– Can update 1 or many objects sharing similar parameter pages.
– Bi Directional data flow (custom params UberGui).

UI Features :
– Flexible UI, resizeable, styleable.
– UI generates based on an object’s custom parameters across all capitalized pages.
– UI generates gaps based on separate pages, and the parameter section flag.
– Double click to enter field entry mode for nearly all parameter types.
– Right click Drag to adjust linear parameter types as a slider
– Shift Mouse wheel Scroll to nudge values based on increments of their Min/Max range
– Click Labels to reset values to their custom parameter defaults.
– Auxiliary helper UI for things like file/folder/color params etc.

Description :

UberGui is a Bi-Directional UI frontend built around and for TouchDesigner’s excellent Custom Parameters system.

It’s primary goal is to save you time building GUIs over and over again, for many objects by
having just 1 central GUI that you can plug operators into programatically.

The main two features UberGui offers that the default parameters UI doesn’t, is a responsive and
customizable UI, offering a more compact layout that takes up less space with styling options – as well as
a handful of features and helper widgets that make the parameters easy to update in a variety of ways.

Each row represents a parameter, or parameter tuplet.
Paramters can easily be reset by clicking on the name, they can be adjusted by manual field entry,
they can also be adjusted by right click slider functionality or shift scroll nudge functionality.

Every stylistic or functional aspect of UberGui derives itself from either the custom parameters internal
settings like Min/Max/Section/defaultValue etc OR through settings provided in the UberGui custom parameters.

UberGui is NOT designed for raw millisecond/cooktime efficiency. Instead it’s designed to allow you to adjust
parameters in a plethora of ways, quickly, easily and visually.
Additionally, it’s meant to simplify and speed up your programming workflow by encouraging the consistent
use of Custom Parameters.

Happy Coding!

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