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Category: UI
Created by: Hexagons
Cook Bar v2: Top Bar - Cook time (CPU + GPU) Bottom Bar - GPU memory
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Release date: 3 December, 2018
Version: 2
Created in TouchDesigner build: 099/2018:26750

Cook Bar v2

Top Bar – Cook time (CPU + GPU)
100% is 1ms

Bottom Bar – GPU memory
100% is 100 000 000 pixel channels
(~ 4K * rgba * 3)

The bars are rendered as a background TOP.
This is a hidden selectTOP will be created in every comp you navigate into.
(it will be removed as soon as you leave the comp)
Max OPs has a hardcoded max limit of 250.


  • Essential!

    Cook Bar has been an essential component used in countless TouchDesigner networks since I first found out about it a couple of years ago. It’s simple and lightweight, and gives you immediate visual feedback on what’s cooking in the network, making it an invaluable development tool.

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