About Us


ChopChopChop.org  is a marketplace for sharing TouchDesigner assets.

This could be a central place for all TD developers to present our work properly, with images and video, and where users can review and comment.
This would also make it far easier for new users to make a flying start, and to enable our community to grow.

Any user can become a publisher, and upload assets. To maintain a certain quality level, all assets will have to meet certain criteria (such as: working immediately on a new computer, proper description, proper screenshots), and will be reviewed before being published.

For now all asset prices are forced to zero, as setting up the whole payment & legal stuff is quite a hassle.
If there is big demand from the community I’ll certainly look into it further, but for now I’d like to start with getting the technical upload & download process smooth for everyone.

Currently it is still in beta, as soon as we’ve got all the kinks the site will be accessible for everyone.

ChopChopChop was made by:

Idzard Kwadijk

Design by Roy Gerritsen & Dennis Pike